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Board Gaming

Board Games

with Strangers

Every Monday

Entry: Free to Play!

Time: 7pm

Board gaming is important to us here at The Only Game In Town! We try to keep updated and keep the highest rated and most popular board games on our shelves. We also have a selection of sample games ready to play at any time, so you can try out games before you buy them! Unless the store is extra crowded, we should always be able to find space for board gamers.

We also have a weekly board game night every Monday at 7pm. We'll sit you down with a group of strangers to play a board game, helped along by a staff member who will be present to explain the rules and answer any questions you may have. Entry is completely free and participation guarantees you a 10% discount on any board game purchase made on the night of the event.

Looking to get in contact with local board gamers? We recommend you either stop by on a Monday or join the associated Board Gaming at TOGIT facebook group!

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