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Magic: the Gathering

We'll buy your Magic cards!

We'll buy all Magic: the Gathering cards, as long as they are in sellable condition! For more information on bulk rates and other games we buy, check out our buy page!

Magic: the Gathering is one of our most popular games at The Only Game In Town. We have Magic events here every weeknight, as well as occasional larger-scale events on some weekends. For a list of our weekly magic events, formats, and start times, see below.


We carry a vast array of Magic packs and sealed product, and we have a huge collection of Magic singles. We try to keep every Standard card in stock, and we have the majority of other relevant cards. If you're looking for a lot of cards and want to know if we have them in stock before you come in, feel free to send us a facebook message with your list!

If you're looking to get in contact with other local magic players, we recommend you join the TOGIT MTG facebook group!

Weekly Magic Events


Legacy - $10 - 7:00pm


Commander - $10 - 7:00pm


Modern  - $10 - 7pm

Booster Draft - $15 - 7:30pm


Pauper - $10 - 3:00pm

Please call ahead if you're running late, we start events promptly on time and we can try to accommodate you. 

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